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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Cadets at Streetlight

2014-10-27 20.02.19On Monday evenings, the Streetlight centre is full of activity. When 7 o’clock rolls around, the centre comes alive with the voices and activity of about 10 boys and 5 leaders. Another night of Streetlight Cadets is in full swing!

Streetlight Cadets is a boys’ club program that brings together boys from the ages of 9-14 for an evening of Bible study and socializing. It is a wonderfully diverse group of boys, and each one bringing a lot of energy and talents to the group. This is exciting as we journey together in learning more about who our great God is and how he calls us to live before him.

This year we are learning about abiding in Jesus and trusting him more. We started by understanding that we are sinful and that our sin separates us from God. But then we saw that in spite of our sin, Jesus Christ gives us peace if we believe in him. When we become Christians, Jesus gives us a new identity. We become God’s treasured possessions, his heirs, part of a covenant community, and receive a divine nature. Yet we are still weak and dependant on Jesus every day, for everything.

What does it mean to trust Jesus in all things, and how do we do that? This is the part of our journey we are beginning as we explore the Word of God.

After the Bible study, a time of socializing takes place. It allows the Cadets to build relationships with each other and the leaders in a safe and fun environment. We play games and work on projects such as creating belts from bicycle tires and building bridges out of popsicle sticks.

What makes Cadets at Streetlight unique? We are focused on relationships. Streetlight Cadets provides a safe place for youth from our neighbourhood to come together and build positive relationships with other youth as well as older male leaders. We like to take our time as we go through the lessons, and our setting is relaxed compared to formal Cadet programs, this gives us a chance to focus on what God is telling us in his Word and to enjoy fellowship with one another.

2014-10-27 19.50.38

All this contributes towards a goal. Not a goal of simply getting more boys out on a Monday night, but instead a goal of seeing one another—leaders and youth alike—grow in their love for Jesus. A goal of seeing meaningful relationships built in order to encourage one another to be more like Christ. In short, the goal of Cadets is to praise and glorify God by loving one another and growing together in our love for our Saviour.

– Aaron Korvemaker, Youth Worker