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Christian Education Scholarship

For nearly 20 years Streetlight has been running Kids Club, an afterschool program for the children aged 4-12. Through it, many neighborhood children have been introduced to the gospel. We also hold Cadets, Girls Club and Youth Group for teens during the week. On Sundays children and teens from the neighborhood come out to our church services – many without their parents.
Streetlight also enjoys a vibrant relationship with Campfire. For over a decade, children and teens from Streetlight have attended Camp. In a speech at the 2013 Campfire banquet, Tracy Lynn spoke about this relationship:
“One of the ways we have been able to connect the Streetlight youth to other Christians is through Campfire. Two years ago (2011) we had a young man who attended Streetlight, speak at the Campfire banquet about what Campfire meant to him. He said that when he thought about Campfire he just thought about love. Being told about God’s love and being shown God’s love… Through Campfire and through Streetlight, many youth have learned three important things. They are loved, their life has a purpose and there is hope.”
For over a decade Streetlight and Campfire have worked together to plant the seeds of the gospel in the lives of youth from downtown Hamilton. The seeds of love, hope and purpose. And while we are still planting new seeds each year, seedlings are beginning to grow and mature.
Now we have a new challenge. How are we going to foster this growth beyond programs at Streetlight and Campfire? How will these young seedlings be rooted and equipped with a robust Christian worldview? Where can the godly friendships formed at Campfire and Roots Youth events flourish?
This issue has been weighing on our hearts and minds for some time. And it is with this in mind that the board is excited to announce the Christian Education Scholarship Fund. Already a number of youth from Streetlight have had the opportunity to attend either Guido or HDCH through the efforts of private individuals. Through the scholarship fund, we are seeking to build a sustainable relationship with these schools so that together we can be effective partners in Christ’s kingdom-gathering work.
The board and staff of ask that you prayerful consider supporting in this initiative so that barriers might be removed and Christian youth might be rooted and established in their young faith.
Once you were not a people, but now you are God’s people; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy.
– 1 Peter 2:10
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