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Farewell Aaron Korvemaker – by Danielle Heemskerk

“Having an amazing day. I am going to tim hortons to talk to my buddy about stuff on my mind. I would like to thank him for all the help—Aaron Glenn Korvemaker—thanks man for being here when I need to talk” – excerpt from Facebook status of teen boy connected to Streetlight, age 18

Over his four years working as a youth worker at Streetlight Ministries, Aaron has met, mentored, and discipled many children and youth in the Beasley neighbourhood and surrounding area.

Aaron is a deep thinker and a reader. He loves to pore over books on theology, church history, and evangelism. He is passionate about Christian musicians spanning many genres. He loves to learn about and teach others about Jesus. You can find Aaron out and about downtown, sharing a bowl of Pho or a slice of pizza with a group of teen guys, talking about faith, friends, and anything and everything.

You might also find him lying on the pavement next to the church while chubby little fingers trace his outline in chalk and invite him to join in on jump rope games during Kids Club. Or maybe he is strumming his guitar as he plans to lead a group of 20 plus children in song of praise to our Lord. Or you might see him walking or driving down the streets of Hamilton, helping a single mom bring her large group of little ones to a Sunday service.

Working with youth can bring a lot of ups and downs, highs and lows. We meet children and teens of all different ages, coming from all kinds of backgrounds. As we come alongside them and their families, we witness a lot of pain and heartbreak. But we also witness God’s redemptive power as he works in the hearts of the kids we serve and in our hearts too.

Sometimes we are pushed away by kids we have come to care about very much. But often we are counted as constant and consistent friends in lives full of upheaval and inconsistency. So much of what we do is just being there.

Over the four years he has served at Streetlight, Aaron has been there for so many in our congregation, for fellow staff members, and for the kids who attend our programs. I think he would agree that, most of the time, it was far from easy. But I think he would also agree that it was worth it and that it has helped to set him on a path to pursue future ministry opportunities.

While we will all deeply miss Aaron’s presence at Streetlight as he heads off to seminary in the fall, we are also excited for him and trust that his faith in our heavenly father will continue to lead and guide him always.

Farewell for now, Aaron. But remember that your Streetlight family will always welcome you with open arms whenever you find yourself back in the Hammer.