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Lessons from the Materially Poor

The disciples were indignant at what they regarded as wastefulness when a woman poured expensive perfume on Jesus’s head. Jesus replied, “The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me.”

Is Jesus suggesting that the poor are his ambassadors; something to remind us of the values he represented when he was with us? Remember: “Inasmuch as you did it for them…”

The poor have been just that to me during the ten-and-a-half years of my ministry as pastor of this downtown urban church. I’ve been challenged nearly every day by the needs of the materially poor.

This is unique. I was a pastor for 18 years in a rural congregation before coming to Hamilton, and I was only occasionally called upon to help the poor. The deaconal fund of that church grew and grew until we decided that we should start releasing money to Christian ministries. The poor were almost absent. We had lost out on the lessons that the poor have to teach us.

Here are a couple that I’ve learned:

  1. The poor are willing to admit they are poor. To confess your neediness requires considerable courage. The need does not take away the courage of asking for help. That’s why Moses said, “Do not be tight fisted toward the poor.” They have suffered enough not to endure the suspicion of those who have the means they need.
  2. They endure poverty without complaint. Of course they often complain that they don’t have much money, but I have seen very little evidence of resentment or anger toward people who earn $50,000 or more and drive nice cars.
  3. Their level of contentment is not less than rich people. Some people downtown walk about with a garbage bag in hand. That bag may contain all the material possessions they own – a Frisbee, a couple of DVDs or VHSs, some clothes, etc.
  4. The help that the church gives is never very much – a $10 grocery voucher, a couple of $3 bus tickets, a bag of fresh fruits or vegetables once per month. When these gifts are given with some grace, the response of gratitude is sometimes overwhelming. I have often felt that I’ve received far more than I’ve given.

People are not more righteous because they are poor; but those who are poor have taught me a lot about righteousness, humility, contentment, and gratitude. We should honour and respect the poor and thank Jesus for putting them in our path.

by Pastor Paul Aasman

Change of Location for Sunday April 30

Our morning worship service on April 30th, 10:30 am, will be held in the Romanian Baptist Church.  Nursery services will be available.

This church is located at 130 Victoria Ave. N., Hamilton.

(between Wilson St. and Cannon St. E.)

Street parking is available on Victoria Ave. N.

The Streetlight bus will be running the regular route Sunday morning.

Our 6:30 pm service will be held at our regular building at:

82 Ferguson St. N.




Streetlight Board Report

As we arrive at the Streetlight building on Thursday evenings for our monthly board meetings, the Girls Club program is running in the main room. Bibles are being opened, and staff and volunteers are bringing the gospel to the teens gathered downstairs. It’s an acute reminder of the importance of the work at Streetlight-the light of the gospel is shining in downtown Hamilton.

Over the last few months, the board has been busy with a number of exciting initiatives. This past December we held our corporate meeting with Ancaster council, where our annual budget is approved. While budgets certainly don’t sound exciting, it is a reminder of how each expense is carefully weighed and spent on the kingdom-gathering work of Jesus Christ. It is both humbling and encouraging to be reminded how so many churches, businesses, and individuals give to Streetlight. Thank you all for your partnership.

The new building is moving forward as our architect works with the City of Hamilton, the fundraising committee continues their work, and the board works to get financing in place for your pledges. These are exciting times for Streetlight.

As the board continues to labour, we are reminded that unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labour in vain. And so we covet your prayers that God will continue to bless this work-gathering a great multitude from every nation, tribe, and people and at last presenting them without blemish before the judgement seat of Christ among the assembly of God’s elect.

“As you sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world. […] I do not ask for these only, but also for those who will believe in me through their word, that they may all be one” – John 17: 18, 20-21a.

by Ken Vanderboom – Chairman

Christian Education Scholarship

For nearly 20 years Streetlight has been running Kids Club, an afterschool program for the children aged 4-12. Through it, many neighborhood children have been introduced to the gospel. We also hold Cadets, Girls Club and Youth Group for teens during the week. On Sundays children and teens from the neighborhood come out to our church services – many without their parents.
Streetlight also enjoys a vibrant relationship with Campfire. For over a decade, children and teens from Streetlight have attended Camp. In a speech at the 2013 Campfire banquet, Tracy Lynn spoke about this relationship:
“One of the ways we have been able to connect the Streetlight youth to other Christians is through Campfire. Two years ago (2011) we had a young man who attended Streetlight, speak at the Campfire banquet about what Campfire meant to him. He said that when he thought about Campfire he just thought about love. Being told about God’s love and being shown God’s love… Through Campfire and through Streetlight, many youth have learned three important things. They are loved, their life has a purpose and there is hope.”
For over a decade Streetlight and Campfire have worked together to plant the seeds of the gospel in the lives of youth from downtown Hamilton. The seeds of love, hope and purpose. And while we are still planting new seeds each year, seedlings are beginning to grow and mature.
Now we have a new challenge. How are we going to foster this growth beyond programs at Streetlight and Campfire? How will these young seedlings be rooted and equipped with a robust Christian worldview? Where can the godly friendships formed at Campfire and Roots Youth events flourish?
This issue has been weighing on our hearts and minds for some time. And it is with this in mind that the board is excited to announce the Christian Education Scholarship Fund. Already a number of youth from Streetlight have had the opportunity to attend either Guido or HDCH through the efforts of private individuals. Through the scholarship fund, we are seeking to build a sustainable relationship with these schools so that together we can be effective partners in Christ’s kingdom-gathering work.
The board and staff of ask that you prayerful consider supporting in this initiative so that barriers might be removed and Christian youth might be rooted and established in their young faith.
Once you were not a people, but now you are God’s people; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy.
– 1 Peter 2:10
For more information please email

We’re Hiring! Full Time position: Youth Worker

Streetlight Ministries of Hamilton, Ontario is currently seeking a Youth Worker for a permanent full time role. The Youth Worker is responsible for building relationships with youth in downtown Hamilton in order to share the Gospel; connect them to Streetlight and disciple youth that attend Streetlight.

The key responsibility of the role is to develop and run programs for youth. This would include choosing and preparing curriculum, preparing lessons and events and monitoring program goals and objectives so they align with the mission and vision of Streetlight Ministries;

To be successful in this role, candidates should be a professing member, in good standing, of a Reformed Church with whom the Canadian and United Reformed Churches have ecclesiastical fellowship and have demonstrated experience in fostering relationships with youth and their families. Experience in and/or a zeal for working in a missionary setting would also be a plus.

Candidates are asked to send a letter of application and resume to Sharon at by March 24, 2017.

Shine A Light

Shine a Light is our annual fundraiser in support of all the programs and outreach methods we use at Streetlight Ministries.  Shine a Light is a great way for individuals, families, schools, small groups to participate in giving to a community that is struggling to acquire basic needs. With your help, Streetlight can connect with members of the community and church through our outreach in the Beasley neighborhood.

To view our brochure and donate online please follow the link: Giving/Shine a Light.

Help bring love and hope to people who need it this Christmas season and throughout the coming year!

Streetlight Soccer Contributes to a Highlight Reel Summer

We’re well into our new season of programs at Streetlight, with our regular programs in full swing. But let’s take a moment and reflect on the summer that was, and rejoice in the work that God allowed to take place in the summer months in the Beasley neighbourhood, specifically in Beasley Park!

Beasley Park bustled on Friday evenings! As Streetlight soccer leaders arrived, a crowd of kids was already in the park waiting for us. Actually, sometimes a crowd of kids met us at Streetlight before we even had a chance to head over to the park. This highlights one of the most fruitful things that happened this summer at Streetlight soccer. A bridge was built; a gap was crossed.

What I mean is this: to many of the youth that were part of the program, Streetlight Soccer was no longer something that happened only in the park. There was a building, a place, an organization called Streetlight, and it offered more than just soccer. It offered other programs of which these youth could be a part of as well. This has allowed relationships that started at soccer to continue to develop, even though soccer has ended!

In addition to the soccer that was played, the goals, the saves, the fancy footwork, something else special took place. The gospel was shared each week. Youth heard about Jesus Christ and his death on the cross, the problem of sin in everyone’s life, and the forgiveness of sins through faith in Jesus Christ.

Beyond this, questions were asked about Jesus and church, and several young people asked for Bibles. This is some of the best fruit we could have hoped for.

Summer has ended. A new season has come. Yet, we are thankful to God for the opportunity to run Streetlight soccer, and for allowing us to have a truly highlight reel summer!

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