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Kingdom Kids

Kingdom Kids Week 1 005At Streetlight, our theme for the summer was “Kingdom Kids”. For seven Wednesdays, we worked through Jesus’ teachings from part of the Sermon on the Mount where he taught about different attitudes and beliefs that characterize a true child of the King. Kids were encouraged to be salt and light to the world around them, to follow the golden rule, and to approach the Throne in prayer, among other important lessons.

Kingdom Kids Week 3 063We were very thankful to partner with Ancaster Canadian Reformed Church and Fellowship Canadian Reformed Church this year. Many volunteers provided food, leadership, fun, solid teaching and so much more! We also had a great contingent of junior volunteers which was made up of youth aged 12-16, some of whom have attended children’s programs in the past at Streetlight and were now able to serve as leaders in one of those programs. It was truly wonderful to see hearts young and old joined together in worship and praise of our Great King!

Kingdom Kids Week 7 038As we get ready for yet another season of child and youth ministry at Streetlight, we feel privileged to be able to serve these precious Kingdom Kids that Jesus invites to come to Him and to be a part of His church. Let us do everything we can not to hinder them, but to hurry them toward His arms that are outstretched in welcome and in blessing!



– Danielle Heemskerk, Youth Worker


Combating Anxiety

Anxiety is something many people struggle with. Stephen Fillmore, who provides drop-in counselling at the Streetlight Centre, has written a reflection on combating anxiety.

As an additional service of the Christian Counselling Centre to the Streetlight community, Pastor Aasman and I have begun conducting question and answer sessions on relevant counselling-related topics. Our fourth session covered anxiety. The session consisted of six parts: video clip, defining anxiety, what brings episodes of anxiety on, how we try to make it go away, coping skills, and the biblical response.

To manage anxiety, I would suggest these three concepts:

  1. Stop stress-speak
  2. Renew the mind
  3. Perspective change

In other words, talk differently, think differently, and adjust our focus from our circumstances to our God.

If we continually verbalize our anxieties, we give them power, and can forget that God is all power!

This said, it must also be acknowledged that not all anxiety is necessarily a bad thing. The fight-flight response is a normal reaction to anticipated danger. Can it be said that anxiety is in the eye of the beholder? We each have different stressors and triggers which may increase our levels of anxiety for a time, until we return to homeostasis.

But what about those with debilitating anxiety? Prescribed medications and various naturopathic approaches may help, but compassion is always needed.

Stephen Fillmore

M.Div./Counselling, Christian Counselling Centre

Streetlight Staff Not Yet Home

TGCThis spring, the Streetlight staff, along with 6,000 other people, attending a three-day conference that was billed as reformed. The Gospel Coalition (TGC) conference was held in the glorious spring weather of Florida, but this was not the place or time to settle in and feel at home.

The conference’s title was “Home Coming.” It was about the future when Jesus Christ returns to end this age and bring his people home to a new heaven and a new earth.

We had world-class speakers (in terms of this world and the next) interpreting great passages in the Bible: The ultimate blessing in the covenant (Deuteronomy 30), the coming reign of the Messiah (Isaiah 11), the new temple (Ezekiel 48), the mansion with many rooms (John 14), what it means to be co-heirs with Christ (Romans 8), just to name a few topics.

It was a great conference, with great singing and great conversations. But we’re still not yet home.

Pastor Paul Aasman


Youth Ignited Art Camp 2015

Wood working workshopThough a few months have now passed, the memory of Youth Ignited Arts Camp is still fresh in our minds. This March Break program was new for us and we hoped and prayed it would be something that would be interesting and beneficial to the teens we serve in Beasley and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

I think I can speak for all of staff when I say that it was quite a learning experience for all of us! Though it is tempting to judge a program by the number of participants, we have learned over the years that it is not the quantity of people involved, but the quality of the time spent with the participants that attend. We averaged around six teens per day, but we really enjoyed getting to know some teens that we have known for some time in a different way. One teen expressed that he hadn’t been able to participate very much in art class because he was so frequently suspended from school. He found he had quite a bit of talent and interest in various aspects of art, especially painting and wood-working. We saw many teens slowly become more comfortable throughout the week with staff and volunteers and begin to express themselves more openly.

Painting with Amber

Each day we welcomed enthusiastic and talented volunteers to teach us new artistic skills. The week began with a focus on poetry and song-writing and on photography and videography. The teens and leaders got over some initial shyness and some very intriguing poems were written and great images were captured. Day two brought a day of painting and an exploration of colour and texture. Though there were many protests of “I can’t paint!” initially, this turned out to be far from true. Many works created on this day remain on display at the church so we can continue to enjoy them. Wednesday was spent learning the art of sewing and crocheting. Some of the men were a little skeptical, but proved themselves quite adept at scarf making! The next day we took a field trip up to Guido de Bres Christian Highschool to participate in workshops on drama and cooking/baking. The teens enjoyed playing some dramatic games and the cupcakes and lasagna they made were absolutely scrumptious! On Friday we created some Word Art on canvas and wood and also made a picnic table with the men from Circle A Carpentry. The picnic table is being thoroughly enjoyed by young and old in the congregation as the weather becomes warmer and the days longer.


Another important project to come out of the Art Camp was a mural created by the congregation. Amber Aasman, our artist in residence at Streetlight, designed and painted the main images on the mural, and then invited the congregation to add words and phrases that express their faith, their passion for the community, and the joy of worshiping at Streetlight Church.

This mural adorns the Wilson St. side of the building and brings us another step closer to developing a recognizable identity in the Beasley neighbourhood and also to connecting us more closely as a church family. The teens were able to participate in the creation of this mural as well, and it was mounted on the wall during the open house that wrapped up our Art Camp. Other features of the open house included a broad showcase of the artistic works created and a slide show of video clips and photos documenting the week.

The week was enriching and educational for all who participated. We all had the opportunity to develop pre-existing talents and to nurture some fledgling ones. God has blessed his people richly with creativity. We also learned that when we doubt our abilities, sometimes we must just simply try. As Vincent Van Gogh said “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced”.

On behalf of Streetlight Staff,

Danielle Heemskerk, Child & Youth WorkerDanielle_May

I want to offer a sincere “thank-you” to the following people: Zac Aasman, & Steve Aasman of Circle A Carpentry, Pete VanDyk, Dan Muis, Trevor Malda, Jodie Venema, Amber Aasman, Hannah Kampen, Andrea Kampen, Tamsin Sloots, Leah Higgins, Rich Tomlin, Michelle Vandervelde, Rebekah Venema, Jodi Tamminga,   Jordan Riesebosch, and Denise Ludwig

We Still Need the Church

There is little doubt that in the public eye, community is very important. An old African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child,” has recently become very popular after Hillary Clinton published a book under that title. A military slogan, “Leave no soldier behind,” has become immensely popular in many fields, for instance in education: “Leave no child behind.” Community should be a place where everyone looks out for each other.

It is puzzling, then, that many Christians seem to think that Christian community is unimportant, and that all we need is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Some will even say that the organized Church is unnecessary, or worse, a hindrance to Christianity. The result is that people consider themselves Christians, yet rarely setting foot in a church, much less join the church.

Now, there are reasons for this negative attitude toward the church. She has never been very pretty. God himself compared the church to a prostitute when he told his prophet Hosea to marry one—because that is what it felt like to God, from time to time. There have been very dark seasons in which the church has conducted herself very badly, so it isn’t surprising that people should become rather negative toward her.

But we still need the church.

The Bible tells how God gathered his people together and developed his salvation before their eyes. In this story, the church did not behave very well, most of the time. So God promised to wash the church clean so that he might present her one day in spotless beauty at a great feast at the end of the ages when the last member of the church has finally been gathered in.

God never gave up on the church no matter how sinfully she acted. We should not either.

Christian youths in our neighbourhoods are invited to attend our annual youth seminar series on “What About Church” here at the Streetlight Centre on April 8, 22, and 29. The church must not be ignored. As a community, she is just too important for Christians.


  • Time: 7:30 p.m.
  • Dates:
    • April 8, “Jesus and Me vs the Church and Me” – Pastor Paul Aasman
    • April 22, “The Church is a Body” – Denise Ludwig
    • April 29, “How the Church Works” – Richard Horlings.

Cadets at Streetlight

2014-10-27 20.02.19On Monday evenings, the Streetlight centre is full of activity. When 7 o’clock rolls around, the centre comes alive with the voices and activity of about 10 boys and 5 leaders. Another night of Streetlight Cadets is in full swing!

Streetlight Cadets is a boys’ club program that brings together boys from the ages of 9-14 for an evening of Bible study and socializing. It is a wonderfully diverse group of boys, and each one bringing a lot of energy and talents to the group. This is exciting as we journey together in learning more about who our great God is and how he calls us to live before him.

This year we are learning about abiding in Jesus and trusting him more. We started by understanding that we are sinful and that our sin separates us from God. But then we saw that in spite of our sin, Jesus Christ gives us peace if we believe in him. When we become Christians, Jesus gives us a new identity. We become God’s treasured possessions, his heirs, part of a covenant community, and receive a divine nature. Yet we are still weak and dependant on Jesus every day, for everything.

What does it mean to trust Jesus in all things, and how do we do that? This is the part of our journey we are beginning as we explore the Word of God.

After the Bible study, a time of socializing takes place. It allows the Cadets to build relationships with each other and the leaders in a safe and fun environment. We play games and work on projects such as creating belts from bicycle tires and building bridges out of popsicle sticks.

What makes Cadets at Streetlight unique? We are focused on relationships. Streetlight Cadets provides a safe place for youth from our neighbourhood to come together and build positive relationships with other youth as well as older male leaders. We like to take our time as we go through the lessons, and our setting is relaxed compared to formal Cadet programs, this gives us a chance to focus on what God is telling us in his Word and to enjoy fellowship with one another.

2014-10-27 19.50.38

All this contributes towards a goal. Not a goal of simply getting more boys out on a Monday night, but instead a goal of seeing one another—leaders and youth alike—grow in their love for Jesus. A goal of seeing meaningful relationships built in order to encourage one another to be more like Christ. In short, the goal of Cadets is to praise and glorify God by loving one another and growing together in our love for our Saviour.

– Aaron Korvemaker, Youth Worker

Shine a Light at Christmas

Christmas toiletries and decor SL 2014 003 Christmas is always an excellent time to reflect both on blessings of the past and hopes for the future.

At Streetlight, we certainly have much to be thankful for! Over the past several months we have received wonderful support from the surrounding community to fund repairs to the building and property. As the holiday season draws near, many have been eager to organize food and toiletry drives to assist in our Christmas giving campaigns. Some schools are also raising funds to cover the costs of Christmas gifts for the children and teens who attend our programs, as well as the celebrations that we will be throwing to commemorate the birth of our Saviour. Many items were also donated for the Kids Club Christmas Store, which gave the kids an opportunity to choose and wrap gifts for their family members.

As Streetlight fills up with toiletry gift bags, stockings for kids, devotions for teens, and some lovely Christmas décor, we feel very blessed in our present situation and are also filled with hope for the future. There are so many programs to run and personal needs to be met throughout the whole year at Streetlight.

Over the last few years, a new Christmas giving initiative has been developed to help us address those needs. It’s called the Shine a Light campaign. This campaign takes the form of a catalogue that goes out to the community and lists a variety of specific areas in the ministry that require some extra funds. This year, around 70 donations have already been made, with the promise of more to come. However, there are still some categories that could use your financial support. These categories are:

  • Counseling (offered at Streetlight by a trained counsellor)
  • March Break Teen Arts Camp (a new program we hope to offer in 2015)
  • Public Transportation (for participants to get to church, programs, appointments, run errands etc.)
  • Out for Coffee (a chance to connect with members of our fellowship)
  • After School Snacks (offered at our weekly Kids Club program)

The catalogue is now available to view online as well. You can peruse the different categories and then download and print off the order form. If you are still deciding how to best offer your support to Streetlight this Christmas, you can donate directly to Streetlight here. Your gift will be treasured both this Christmas season and all year long!

Wishing you a blessed Christmas season,

Danielle Heemskerk, Youth Worker

Understanding Today’s Youth

youth culture trends photo

Last week, staff and leaders from Streetlight attended a youth culture trends seminar led by culture specialist Paul Robertson.

Here we learned more about the latest youth culture trends and what it means to create a more meaningful relationship with the young people we interact with and care about.

We tackled a wide range of topics, including narcissism, cyber-bullying, pornography, Facebook depression, and constant gratification. Tough topics to talk about, but so important!

We will be spending time as staff and ministry leaders discussing how these issues shape our discussions and relationships with youth at Streetlight. We are always looking to learn more about how we can reach and love young people better.

We ask you to join us on this quest. Please pray for our youth leaders, parents, teachers, and other adults who seek to reach today’s youth with the love and grace of Christ.

If you are interested in staying up-to-date on today’s youth culture check out

New Website Launch!

Welcome to our new website! After months of hard work on the part of our staff, PR team, and our amazing and long-suffering web designer, we’re all excited (and relieved) it is finally up and running.

This new site is important to us because it is a vehicle to spread the news about Streetlight and the work we do in Hamilton’s vibrant and diverse Beasley neighbourhood. It’s a way to introduce people—no matter where they are on their faith journey—to our church. Through it, we welcome everyone to visit us so they can hear the gospel, grow in faith with us, and bless others in our community.

This site’s purpose is not to replace face-to-face contact, but to encourage it. In an age where people are constantly connected to the internet, having a strong, mobile-friendly website is key to connecting with those around us.

On this site, you’ll find

  • Our address and worship times
  • Our programs and services
  • How to contact us
  • Ways you can get involved through volunteering or donating
  • A link to our Paypal account (because who uses cheques anymore?)
  • And much more.

Check back often for program updates, blog posts, and opportunities to serve. More importantly, join us in worship at 10:30 am or 6:30 pm every Sunday at 82 Ferguson Ave. We would love to see you there. And please keep us and our ministry in your prayers.