82 Ferguson Avenue North
Hamilton, ON
L8R 1L4
Church Service:
Sunday at 10:30am & 6:30pm

Discovering God through Tuesday Evening Adult Bible Study

Every Tuesday evening, we meet as a gathering of individuals who come together as a family. Often we have a group of thirty and more. Each of us has different needs as well as a variety of resources and talents.

Here we get an opportunity to listen to the joys or sorrows that happened throughout the week, then we spend 30 minutes singing familiar hymns and Psalms, which helps us focus on God and his glory while our hearts are being prepared for spiritual food. Then after a word of prayer, we get into an hour of Bible study.

Under the leadership of Pastor Paul, we see that God is here loving us and working in us. We see through the Bible who God is and how he reveals himself, so that we may know him. As we go verse by verse through the books of the old and new testaments, we learn that we are created beings, therefore we matter, and that our circumstances are controlled by an all-sufficient and almighty God. He has a plan for us to know him so that we may walk with him and rejoice in all situations. After this there is a time of fellowship along with refreshments and food.

The diversity of those who attend these meetings, either regularly or sporadically, is similar to any other church. The reasons we come may vary, the beneficial results may vary, but we know with certainty that God is at work among those who attend.

Tuesday evening Bible study is just one way in which Streetlight is having a positive affect on individuals in our society while giving all glory to God.

By John Harsevort, Bible Study Participant