82 Ferguson Avenue North
Hamilton, ON
L8R 1L4
Church Service:
Sunday at 10:30am & 6:30pm

New Logo & Tagline


It is with much excitement that we share with you our new logo and tagline for Streetlight Christian Church!⁣

Having planned this reveal for a while now, we asked ourselves the question, do we continue the launch of a new brand, now? At a time like this?⁣

But soon we realized, there is no better time. When we embarked on this remodeling journey, it wasn’t mere aesthetics that moved us to do so. We had outgrown our previous branding, a true sign of longevity, but most of all a testament of God’s faithfulness. In times like these, we at Streetlight want to witness to the Lord’s protective care and love, and we believe that this new look points to that!⁣

As a church with a ministry that operates many programs and initiatives, we do a lot of advertising. It is important for us to reach our audience, and to adapt to the changes of modern social media. We’re excited that this new branding will help us communicate to our community in an even more effective and joyful way.⁣
⁣What started out as a Bible study has blossomed into a growing community of believers. Streetlight has evolved into a body of diverse believers from all walks of life, with a strong focus on child and youth ministry. We believe the new logo gives a nod to the vibrant, colourful community we serve here today.⁣

With the new logo, we also needed a new tagline:⁣ “Good news for today. Bright hope for tomorrow.”⁣

The immediacy in “Good news for today” is compelling for those who need immediate assistance, while also speaking to the serving that the Streetlight community does. Yet it all hinges on “Bright hope for tomorrow.” The Gospel isn’t a future reality; it’s reconciliation and salvation today, and it gives our lives purpose as we look forward to eternity with Christ. ⁣

Our deep thanks and appreciation goes out to Nick Tenhage for the logo design and Compass Creative for the tagline. We’re grateful for your creative design and support throughout this process. ⁣

– The Streetlight PR team, Arlene, Samantha, Lisa, and Mieke