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Streetlight Board Report – Fall 2020

As I am writing this it is obvious that fall has arrived. The changing colours of the trees, the cool nip of the wind, and the lower temperatures reminds us all of God’s wondrous work in creation; his perfect work of creating, maintaining, and governing. Fall also is the time when the regular activities in our homes, churches, and schools return to some sense of routine. And so it is with Streetlight as well.

However, before we develop that thought, I would like to acknowledge some changes in the Streetlight Board. This spring several members reached the end of their term(s). The board wishes to acknowledge each of these members’ respective contributions, but we would like to acknowledge in particular the work of the most recent chair, Ken Vanderboom. Ken had reached the end of his term some time ago but continued as the board sought to replace both the chair and vice-chair. That occurred over the summer months, with Dr. G. Visscher accepting the vice-chair position and John Jager becoming chairman. Dr. Visscher is well known to many having been professor and principal of the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary, and the board has already benefited from his experience. I am a member of Fellowship CanRC in Burlington and while Streetlight is new to me, I am looking forward to working with the board and staff in the months and years to come.

This has been a difficult year for Streetlight, as it has been for many other organizations and churches. The difficulty of conducting services and running programs in this COVID-era is not unique to Streetlight. However, as the Streetlight community is faced with additional social and economic challenges, maintaining connections was particularly difficult. Elsewhere in this newsletter you see various reports from Pastor Paul and staff regarding their work during this spring, summer, and fall. We are thankful for their continued hard work, even in difficult times, and let us pray that their efforts in bringing the gospel in this
neighbourhood is blessed.

This summer, the board received official notification from the City of Hamilton that our site plan for a new building was approved, and we subsequently received a building permit. Praise God for this development; we have waited long and prayed that this may happen, and God has blessed this work to date. The board is now dealing with next steps, including the important work relating to fundraising. Stay tuned for more information and we ask that you prayerfully consider this work as we begin our fundraising activities.

Earlier this year, the councils of Blessings Christian Church and Ancaster CanRC initiated some exploratory discussions regarding the transfer of oversight of Streetlight from Ancaster to Blessings. These discussions are continuing, and we pray that these brothers may be guided in wisdom from above as they deliberate how they can best serve the work being done at Streetlight.

We ask that you remember Pastor Paul and staff in your prayers. May many hear and grasp onto the glorious gospel of grace in Jesus Christ alone.

By John Jager, Chairman